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Talon is a tool to generate on-demand data insights from public Telegram chats. Powered by Rust, grammers, and egui, it offers a straightforward interface that leverages the Telegram account API.




  • Checks Telegram messages from a given message link (and an optional ending point).
  • Able to utilize multiple sessions, dramatically increasing checking speed. Tested with up to 8 sessions and 300k messages
  • Displays the number of unique users found, the total messages counted, and others.
  • Utilizes gathered data to visualize additional analytics.

User Table:

  • Utilizes the counted data to generate a comprehensive user table.
  • View user details, including name, username, ID, total messages, total words, total characters, and more.
  • Allows interaction with the table, such as selecting cells and copying data in an organized manner.

Session Creation:

  • Takes relevant input to log in to a Telegram account and create a new session.
  • Choose between a temporary session (logs out on app close) or a non-temporary session (creates a file for persistent login).


  • Allows grouping specific users and enabling viewing their data separately.
  • Easily add or remove users from the whitelist as necessary.


  • Visualize message counts or active users on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Explore chat activity based on the day of the week.

Important Note

Talon uses the grammers library for Telegram operations. Please be aware that grammers is currently under development and may not be stable or audited for security.


1. Run from Source Code:

  • Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/TheRustyPickle/Talon
  • Run with Cargo cargo run --release

2. Run the latest Release:

  • Download the latest executable from Releases.
  • Unzip the executable and double click to start the app.

3. Install using Cargo:

  • Install using cargo install talon-gui
  • Start with talon

App Data Location

See here for location info where app data is saved which is determined based on the OS. Files can be added, deleted, or modified here to reflect in the application.

Feedback and Contributions

Have feedback, found a bug, or have a feature request? Feel free to open an issue. Pull requests are welcome!


Talon is under the MIT License.


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