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A platform agnostic driver to interface with the DS1302 real time clock-calendar

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0.1.1 Nov 1, 2020

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DS1302 real time clock-calendar platform agnostic driver


DS1302 is a real time clock/calendar chip, which communicates via SPI interface. The device provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The driver is based on embedded-hal traits.

Datasheet: DS1302

DS1302 RTC Board - Waveshare

Hardware requirements

  • Importand: SPI frame format with LSB transmitted first!
  • SPI speed less than 2 MHz
  • CPOL: CK to 0 when idle, CPHA: the first clock transition is the first data capture edge
  • Default 8-bit data frame format is selected for transmission/reception


  • Reading/setting clock and calendar data in 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Changing hour format without resetting it. set_clock_mode()


  • RAM support.



This crate uses probe-run to run the examples.

To build examples type:

cargo build --examples or cargo build --examples --release

To run examples type:

cargo run --example <example name> or cargo run --example <example name> --release

The output should be like this:

Running `probe-run --chip STM32F103C8 target/thumbv7m-none-eabi/debug/examples/bluepill_ssd1306`
(HOST) INFO  flashing program (36.32 KiB)
(HOST) INFO  success!


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