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Embedded graphics library for small hardware displays

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Embedded graphics

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A small 2D graphics library to draw things on embedded graphical LCDs, like the SSD1306 OLED display.

This crate aims to make drawing 2D graphics primitives super easy. It currently supports the following:

  • 1 bit-per-pixel images
  • 8 bit-per-pixel images
  • 16 bit-per-pixel images
  • BMP format (.bmp) images at 1, 8 or 16BPP (requires bmp feature)
  • TGA format (.tga) images (requires tga feature)
  • Primitives
    • Lines
    • Rectangles (and squares)
    • Circles
    • Triangles
  • Text with multiple bitmap fonts

A core goal is to do the above without using any buffers; the crate should work without a dynamic memory allocator and without pre-allocating large chunks of memory. To achieve this, it takes an Iterator based approach, where pixel values and positions are calculated on the fly, with the minimum of saved state. This allows the consuming application to use far less RAM at little to no performance penalty.

More information and up to date docs can be found on docs.rs.

Example usage can be found in the simulator:

use embedded_graphics::coord::Coord;
use embedded_graphics::fonts::Font6x8;
use embedded_graphics::prelude::*;
use embedded_graphics::primitives::{Circle, Line};

fn main() {
    // Create a display object to draw into
    // This will be whichever display driver you decide to use, like the SSD1306, SSD1351, etc
    let mut display = Display::new();

    display.draw(Circle::new(Coord::new(64, 64), 64).with_stroke(Some(1u8)));
    display.draw(Line::new(Coord::new(64, 64), Coord::new(0, 64)).with_stroke(Some(1u8)));
    display.draw(Line::new(Coord::new(64, 64), Coord::new(80, 80)).with_stroke(Some(1u8)));

        Font6x8::render_str("Hello World!")
            .translate(Coord::new(5, 50)),

Macros are also supported for text and primitives:

use embedded_graphics::prelude::*;
use embedded_graphics::{circle, icoord, line, rect, text_6x8, triangle};

fn main() {
    // Create a display object to draw into
    // This will be whichever display driver you decide to use, like the SSD1306, SSD1351, etc
    let mut display = Display::new();

    display.draw(egcircle!((64, 64), 64, stroke = Some(1u8)));
    display.draw(egline!((64, 64), (0, 64), stroke = Some(1u8)));
    display.draw(egline!((64, 64), (80, 80), stroke = Some(1u8)));
    display.draw(egrectangle!((64, 64), (80, 80), stroke = None, fill = Some(2u8)));
    display.draw(text_6x8!("Hello world!", stroke = Some(1u8)).translate(icoord!(5, 50)));

Cargo Features

  • nalgebra_support - use the Nalgebra crate with no_std support to use as the Coord type. This should allow you to use most Nalgebra methods on objects rendered by embedded_graphics.
  • bmp - use the TinyBMP crate for BMP image support.
  • tga - use the TinyTGA crate for TGA image support.

Display drivers with embedded-graphics support

  • ili9341: A platform agnostic driver to interface with the ILI9341 (and ILI9340C) TFT LCD display
  • ls010b7dh01: A platform agnostic driver for the LS010B7DH01 memory LCD display
  • sh1106: I2C driver for the SH1106 OLED display
  • ssd1306: I2C and SPI (4 wire) driver for the SSD1306 OLED display
  • ssd1322: Pure Rust driver for the SSD1322 OLED display chip
  • ssd1331: SPI (4 wire) driver for the SSD1331 OLED display
  • ssd1351: SSD1351 driver
  • ssd1675: Rust driver for the Solomon Systech SSD1675 e-Paper display (EPD) controller
  • st7735-lcd: Rust library for displays using the ST7735 driver


All source font PNGs are taken from the excellent Uzebox Wiki page.


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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