Cargo Features

devela has no features set by default.

devela = { version = "0.19.0", features = ["std", "no_std", "alloc", "full", "full_unsafe", "fullest", "code", "data", "io", "mem", "num", "num_int_niche", "os", "render", "text", "time", "ui", "ui_term", "work", "data_unsafe", "mem_unsafe", "num_unsafe", "os_unsafe", "text_unsafe", "ui_unsafe", "ui_term_unsafe", "work_unsafe", "unsafe", "unsafe_data", "unsafe_mem", "unsafe_num", "unsafe_os", "unsafe_text", "unsafe_ui", "unsafe_ui_term", "unsafe_work", "safe", "safest", "unsafest", "nightly", "docsrs", "dep", "atomic", "bytemuck", "const-str", "libm", "hashbrown", "portable-atomic", "unicode-segmentation", "unicode-width"] }

Features are grouped in 6 (mostly) independent categories:
- Environment
- Module
- Safety
- Nightly
- Dependency

std docsrs? = alloc

* environment features *

Enables std of optional atomic, extern_crate_std of optional bytemuck and std of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

There are two options for enabling optional dependencies:

option A) When the depend feature is enabled each optional dependency will be automatically enabled by some individual module feature, as defined above:

Affects project::crate_root, project::crate_root_string


Enables libm of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

alloc std?

Enables extern_crate_alloc of optional bytemuck, alloc of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects ext::AnyExt.as_any_box, definitions::BoxedArray, buffer::DstVecU, ext::SliceExt.slice_into_vec, ext::SliceExt.slice_try_into_vec, storage::Boxed, trait::NumInt.int_factors, trait::NumInt.int_ref_factors, trait::NumInt.int_factors_proper, trait::NumInt.int_ref_factors_proper, trait::NumInt.int_factors_prime, trait::NumInt.int_ref_factors_prime, trait::NumInt.int_factors_prime_unique, trait::NumInt.int_ref_factors_prime_unique, ref::NumRefInt.int_ref_factors, ref::NumRefInt.int_ref_factors_proper, ref::NumRefInt.int_ref_factors_prime, ref::NumRefInt.int_ref_factors_prime_unique, string::StringExt, async::coroutine

full docsrs? full_unsafe? fullest? = code, data, error, io, mem, num, os, render, text, time, ui, work

* module features *

full_unsafe = full, unsafe
fullest = full

enables full recursively (unused)

code full?

individual modules (12…) (modules enable their own dependencies if the dep feature is enabled)

data data_unsafe? full?

Enables bytemuck and hashbrown of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects data::any, data::dst

error io full?
mem full? mem_unsafe?

Enables bytemuck of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

num full? num_unsafe?

optional module features:
enables Int implementations for niche types

os full? os_unsafe?
render full?

Affects render::color

text full? text_unsafe?

Enables const-str, unicode-segmentation and unicode-width of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects text::egc, text::fmt

time full?
ui full? ui_unsafe? = ui_term
ui_term ui? ui_term_unsafe?

optional module features:

Enables const-str of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects ui::term

work full? work_unsafe?

Enables zeroable_atomics of optional bytemuck, atomic and portable-atomic of optional devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects work::r#async, work::sync, work::thread, sync::atomic

data_unsafe = data, unsafe_data

individual modules with unsafe enabled (7…):

mem_unsafe = mem, unsafe_mem
num_unsafe = num, unsafe_num
os_unsafe = os, unsafe_os
text_unsafe = text, unsafe_text
ui_unsafe = ui, unsafe_ui
ui_term_unsafe = ui_term, unsafe_ui_term

optional module features:

work_unsafe = unsafe_work, work
unsafe docsrs? full_unsafe? unsafest? = unsafe_data, unsafe_mem, unsafe_num, unsafe_os, unsafe_text, unsafe_ui, unsafe_work

* safety features *

unsafe_data data_unsafe? unsafe?

Affects data::dst

unsafe_mem mem_unsafe? unsafe?

enables as_bytes* functions and bytemuck's traits

Affects fns::mem_as_bytes, fns::mem_as_bytes_mut, fns::mem_as_bytes_sized, trait::Mem.mem_as_bytes, trait::Mem.mem_as_bytes_mut

unsafe_num num_unsafe? unsafe?

enables unsafe constructors, bytemuck's traits, MaybeUninit

unsafe_os os_unsafe? unsafe?
unsafe_text text_unsafe? unsafe?

enables unsafe use in text

unsafe_ui ui_unsafe? unsafe? = unsafe_ui_term
unsafe_ui_term ui_term_unsafe? unsafe_ui?
unsafe_work unsafe? work_unsafe?

enables a coroutines implementation.

Affects async::coroutine

safe safest?

forbids unsafe in this crate

safest = safe

forbids unsafe recursively (unused)

unsafest = unsafe

enables unsafe recursively (unused)

nightly docsrs?

* nightly features *

docsrs = dep, full, libm, nightly, std, unsafe
dep docsrs?

* dependency features *
module features enables their dependencies as defined.

Enables devela_depend ^0.2.0

Affects data::dst


Enables atomic


Enables bytemuck

Affects data::dst


Enables const-str

libm docsrs?

Enables libm


Enables hashbrown


Enables portable-atomic


Enables unicode-segmentation


Enables unicode-width

Features from optional dependencies