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Draw images from texture atlases with the Bevy UI

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0.4.1 Apr 6, 2023
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0.3.0 Mar 11, 2023
0.2.4 Feb 1, 2023
0.1.8 Sep 30, 2022

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Draw images from texture atlases with the Bevy UI.


  • Versions 0.3 and 0.4 support Bevy 0.10
  • Version 0.2 supports Bevy 0.9
  • Version 0.1 supports Bevy 0.8


To use this crate, add its dependency to your project's Cargo.toml:

bevy_mod_ui_texture_atlas_image = "0.3"

or with Cargo:

cargo add bevy_mod_ui_texture_atlas_image


  • UiAtlasImage

    The texture atlas image of the node.

  • ImageTint

    The tint color of the image.


  • AtlasImageBundle

    The bundle of components needed to display an image from a TextureAtlas with the Bevy UI.


The UiAtlasImagePlugin plugin must be added to your Bevy App:

use bevy_mod_ui_texture_atlas_image::*;

fn main () {
        // ..rest of app

Then you can spawn an AtlasImageBundle to draw images from a TextureAtlas with the Bevy UI:

    .spawn(AtlasImageBundle {
        atlas_image: UiAtlasImage { 
            atlas: texture_atlas_handle.clone(),
            index: 5

The differences between an AtlasImageBundle and an ImageBundle are that

  • Instead of a UiImage component, AtlasImageBundle has a UiAtlasImage component that sets the image displayed by the node.
  • Instead of a BackgroundColor component, AtlasImageBundle has an ImageTint component that sets the color tint of the image.


  • Displaying a single image from a texture atlas:
    cargo --run --example minimal
  • Displaying three tiles from a texture atlas grid alongside the atlas's source image:
    cargo --run --example tiles
  • Displaying images from a texture atlas with an alpha channel.
    cargo --run --example alpha
  • Displaying images from a texture atlas with clipping.
    cargo --run --example clipped


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