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Simple to use plugin implementing ScrollView into Bevy engine

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Bevy Simple Scroll View

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Simple to use plugin implementing ScrollView into Bevy engine. Supports scroll using dragging and scrolling, should work on all platforms.

Gif with plugin in action

More details available in simple.rs example.


cargo add bevy_simple_scroll_view


Please feel free to open a PR, but keep in mind this project's goals. This is meant to be a simple scroll view widget.

The code should be simple enough for users to quickly understand and modify for their own purposes.

Please keep PRs small and scoped to a single feature or fix.

Planned features

  • horizontal scroll, should be pretty simple.
  • optional if there would be simple enough implementation I would consider adding scrollbars.

Bevy compatibility table

Bevy version crate version
0.14 0.2
0.13 0.1


~1.5M SLoC