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2D physics engine over a toroidal space. The aim of this project is to test and experiment with physics over a toroidal space.


  • Toroidal space physics.
  • Particle physics.
  • Rigid body collision (circles).
  • Fast: focus in to make the collisions as fast as possible.
  • Easy to use: Simple API to make your own experiments really easy and fast.


You can see more examples in the examples folder.

Test it!

Install from cargo repositories

It is necessary to have rust language installed (you can install from rustup.rs)

cargo install torophy --examples

if you have ~/.cargo/bin in PATH you only need to run the example by its name.

From sources

git clone https://github.com/lemunozm/torophy.git
cargo run --example basic --release

You can change basic name for any other example name found in the examples folder.


Any help is welcome! If you have any awesome idea for a new experiment or feature, please, create an issue or a pull request.

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