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A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI, supporting TCP/HTTP/TLS/WebSocket

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A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI, supporting TCP/HTTP/TLS/WebSocket, written in Rust.

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🚧 Notice

Taxy is currently in early development. Please be aware that breaking changes may occur frequently, particularly when upgrading between minor versions (e.g., from 0.3.x to 0.4.x).


  • Built with Rust for optimal performance and safety, powered by tokio and hyper
  • Supports TCP, TLS, HTTP1, and HTTP2, including HTTP upgrading and WebSocket functionality
  • Easily deployable single binary with a built-in WebUI
  • Allows live configuration updates via a REST API without restarting the service
  • Imports TLS certificates from the GUI or can generate a self-signed certificate
  • Provides Let's Encrypt support (ACME v2, HTTP challenge only) for seamless certificate provisioning
  • Supports automatic HTTP Brotli compression


Taxy WebUI Screenshot

Web UI Demo

Visit https://taxy.onrender.com/. (username: admin, password: admin)

Please note, you can change the configuration freely, but due to the instance being behind a firewall, the configured proxies are not accessible from the outside.


There are multiple ways to install Taxy.

Docker Compose

Create a file named docker-compose.yml with the following content:

version: "3"
    image: ghcr.io/picohz/taxy:latest
    container_name: taxy
      - taxy-config:/root/.config/taxy
      # Add ports here if you want to expose them to the host
      - 80:80
      - 443:443
      - # Admin panel
    restart: unless-stopped


Run the following command to start Taxy:

$ docker-compose up -d

To log in to the admin panel, you'll first need to create a user. Follow the steps below to create an admin user:

$ docker-compose exec taxy taxy add-user admin
password?: ******

Then, you can access the admin panel at http://localhost:46492/.

Cargo binstall

cargo-binstall automatically downloads and installs pre-built binaries for your platform. If there is no pre-built binary available, it will fall back to cargo install.

You need to install cargo-binstall first.

Then you can install Taxy with:

$ cargo binstall taxy

Cargo install

You need to have the Rust toolchain installed. If you don't, please follow the instructions on rustup.rs.

The package on crates.io comes bundled with the WebUI as a static asset. Thus, you don't need to build it yourself (which would require trunk and wasm toolchain).

$ cargo install taxy

Github Releases

Alternatively, you can directly download the latest pre-built binaries from the releases page.

You simply put the extracted binary somewhere in your $PATH and you're good to go.

Starting the server

First, you need to create a user to access the admin panel. You will be prompted for a password.

# Create a user
$ taxy add-user admin
$ password?: ******

Then, you can start the server.

$ taxy start

Once the server is running, you can access the admin panel at http://localhost:46492/.


To contribute or develop Taxy, follow these steps:

# Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/picoHz/taxy

# Start the server
cd taxy
cargo run

# In a separate terminal, start `trunk serve` for the WebUI
cd webui
trunk serve


You can instantly start developing Taxy in your browser using Gitpod.

Open in Gitpod

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