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3D/2D library written in Rust. Offering useful containers, structures and algorithms for 2D and 3D space. Meant as basis for numeric algorithms, viewers, game engines, ...

Migration 0.29.0 -> 0.30.0

Note that the module structure changed. There's now only submodules for io and impls.
Also prelude was removed.
If you were using the prelude via rust_3d::prelude::*; you should now be able to just switch to rust_3d::*;.
If you were using explicit paths such as rust_3d::filters::combinators::FilterAll you should now use rust_3d::FilterAll.
Note that io and impls are still part of the module path.
This should make future usage easier, but might be painful for existing users.


Here's a little overview of some of rust-3d's features. The snippets / names might not be up-to-date, so please check tests/ for compiling examples.

Proper error handling

No .unwrap() where it's not 100% safe.

Strong / Smart Types

There's strong types for everything that might get mixed up easily.
This way e.g. ids of faces can't be mistaken for ids of vertices.

fn edges_of_face(&self, faceid: FId) -> Result<(EId, EId, EId)>;

There's also smart types which restrict the values they can hold.
This way distances can never be < 0.0, sizes can be enfored to be > 0.0 etc.


Generic Code Base

I try and keep all algorithms and types as generic as possible.

  • Even rather basic types like Is2D are split into several versions: IsEditable2D, IsBuildable2D
  • IsMesh is defined for any vertex type and any number of vertices / face
  • There's traits for collections (no need to use Vec)

This makes it possible to require as little implementation work as possible if you want to use your own types.

Combinators / Transformers

  • Any IsFilter<T> can be combined via FilterAND, FilterOR, FilterAny, FilterNegate...
  • Any IsFilter<T> can be transformed to work for any collection of Ts (IsFilterRandomAccessible).
  • IsDirectionField2D might be transformed to an IsFilter<Is2D>, which can then be transformed to an IsFilterRandomAccessible<Is2D>.


Any IO method is defined on traits, so if you implement these, you'll get read/write of different file formats for free.


You can find the documentation here.


Please take a look at the tests in tests/. These will be up-to-date and compiling.
I might add extensive tutorials / examples / demo projects in the future.



Feel free to open an issue in case you're missing something or found a bug. Please avoid directly contributing since I might be working on breaking changes or the feature you want to implement. Open an issue or email me beforehand.




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