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0.25.2 May 20, 2018
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3D/2D library written in Rust. Offering useful containers, structures and algorithms for 2D and 3D space. Meant as basis for numeric algorithms, viewers, game engines, ...

Migration 0.29.0 -> 0.30.0

Note that the module structure changed. There's now only submodules for io and impls.
Also prelude was removed.
If you were using the prelude via rust_3d::prelude::*; you should now be able to just switch to rust_3d::*;.
If you were using explicit paths such as rust_3d::filters::combinators::FilterAll you should now use rust_3d::FilterAll.
Note that io and impls are still part of the module path.
This should make future usage easier, but might be painful for existing users.
Sorry :(


rust-3d is still in really early stages, there might come breaking changes with each update.
The test coverage is far from perfect, so you might find some bugs (please report them).
Compiling with stable.


Here's a little overview of some of rust-3d's features. The snippets / names might not be up-to-date, so please check tests/ for compiling examples.

Proper error handling

No .unwrap() where it's not 100% safe.

Strong / Smart Types

There's strong types for everything that might get mixed up easily.
This way e.g. ids of faces can't be mistaken for ids of vertices.

fn edges_of_face(&self, faceid: FId) -> Result<(EId, EId, EId)>;

There's also smart types which restrict the values they can hold.
This way distances can never be < 0.0, sizes can be enfored to be > 0.0 etc.


Generic Code Base

I try and keep all algorithms and types as generic as possible.

  • Even rather basic types like Is2D are split into several versions: IsEditable2D, IsBuildable2D
  • IsMesh is defined for any vertex type and any number of vertices / face
  • There's traits for collections (no need to use Vec)

This makes it possible to require as little implementation work as possible if you want to use your own types.

Combinators / Transformers

  • Any IsFilter<T> can be combined via FilterAND, FilterOR, FilterAny, FilterNegate...
  • Any IsFilter<T> can be transformed to work for any collection of Ts (IsFilterRandomAccessible).
  • IsDirectionField2D might be transformed to an IsFilter<Is2D>, which can then be transformed to an IsFilterRandomAccessible<Is2D>.


Any IO method is defined on traits, so if you implement these, you'll get read/write of different file formats for free.


The documentation is quite good already, come and take a look.


Please take a look at the tests in tests/. These will be up-to-date and compiling.
I might add extensive tutorials / examples / demo projects in the future.




Feel free to open an issue in case you're missing something or found a bug. Please avoid directly contributing since I might be working on breaking changes or the feature you want to implement. Open an issue or email me beforehand.




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