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A system monitor implemented in Rust, Monitors both system activity and GPU activity for NVIDIA GPUs

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0.1.3 Apr 20, 2020
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0.0.3 Apr 2, 2018
0.0.2 Mar 31, 2018

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rtop is a system montior inspired by gtop implemented in Rust.

Supports Linux and MacOS (other *nix systems may work but not tested)

System monitoring is handled by sysinfo and the UI is handled by tui-rs.


The application is distributed via cargo. Its recommended you install cargo using rustup.

Once installed you can install rtop using the following:

cargo install rtop

To install the GPU monitor first you must have a NVIDIA Driver installed and nvidia-ml

Next you can install using

cargo install rtop --features gpu-monitor

If you are using rtop on a laptop you may also like a battery monitor. This can be enabled with

cargo install rtop --features battery-monitor


To quit press q

To switch between pages (only when gpu-monitor is enabled), use the arrow keys



CPU Usage

CPU Usage Percentage

cpu panel

Disk Usage

Storage used for each partition

disk panel

Memory Usage

Amount of memory and swap used

memory panel


List of processes running and memory and cpu usage

processes panel

Network Usage

Network traffic going in an out of the machine

network panel


Enabled by installing the battery-monitor feature

battery panel


Enabled by installing the gpu-monitor feature

Processes using GPU

List of tasks using the GPU

gpu processes panel


Shows the current core temperature of each device

gpu temp panel

GPU Memory Usage

Shows the percentage of GPU memory used on each Device

gpu memory panel


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