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PulseAudio volume mixer written in rust

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RsMixer is a PulseAudio volume mixer written in rust


  • monitors displaying current volume
  • applications using outputs displayed in a nested tree structure for easier viewing
  • changing card settings
  • all the basic stuff you expect a volume mixer to do


You can install RsMixer through cargo:

cargo install rsmixer

or by manually building it:

git clone https://github.com/jantap/rsmixer.git
cargo install --path ./rsmixer

or if you're an Arch user, you can install it from AUR:

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/rsmixer.git
cd rsmixer
makepkg -si


Application screen is divided into 3 pages: Output, Input and Cards. Output combines PulseAudio sinks and sink inputs (if you don't know much about pulseaudio - basically sinks/sources are speakers/microphones, sink inputs/source outputs are audio streams from applications, for outputing and inputing sound respectively) into one tree-like view, that makes it easy to see which device every app uses.

All keybindings are configurable through ~/.config/rsmixer/rsmixer.toml. [Changing keybindings][changing keybindings] for more info.

Default keybindings:

  • j,k - move between entries
  • h, l, H, L - change volume
  • 1, 2, 3 - open outputs, inputs, and cards respectively
  • enter - open context menu

Changing keybindings

In ~/.config/rsmixer/rsmixer.toml you will find a section [bindings]. There you will find a list of default keybindings.

All keybindings look one of these:

q = ['exit']
"shift+tab" = ['cycle_pages_backward']
right = ['raise_volume(5)']

Basically key = ArrayOf(action). Key is either:

  • a char
  • a special key. Special keys supported (if anything is missing just create an issue)
  • a key combination, with plus signs between keys (one or more of shift, ctrl, alt and and a char/special key, seperated by plus signs)

In the same way you can set behavior on right and middle clicks on entries

mouse_right = ['mute']
mouse_middle = ['hide']

(left mouse click is automatically assigned to selecting entries and opening context menu when entry is already selected)

When that key/key combination gets pressed rsmixer performs an action assigned to that keybinding. Possible actions




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