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A library for safe and effortless global and thread-local state management

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0.6.0 May 25, 2023
0.5.3 May 3, 2022
0.5.2 Jun 19, 2021
0.4.2 Oct 28, 2020
0.2.0 Jan 21, 2017

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A Rust library for safe and effortless global and thread-local state management.

extern crate state;

static GLOBAL: state::InitCell<u32> = state::InitCell::new();

assert_eq!(*GLOBAL.get(), 42);

This library can be used to easily implement:

  • Lazier Global Statics
  • Singletons, Init-Once Values
  • Global or Thread-Local Caches, Thunks
  • Dynamically-Initialized Thread-Local Data
  • Type Maps, Type-Based TypeMaps

See the documentation for more.


Include state in your Cargo.toml [dependencies]:

state = "0.6.0"

Thread-local state management is not enabled by default. You can enable it via the tls feature:

state = { version = "0.6.0", features = ["tls"] }


The minimum supported Rust version is 1.61.0 as of state version 0.6.


state has been extensively vetted, manually and automatically, for soundness and correctness. All unsafe code, including in internal concurrency primitives, TypeMap, and InitCell are exhaustively verified for pairwise concurrency correctness and internal aliasing exclusion with loom. Multithreading invariants, aliasing invariants, and other soundness properties are verified with miri. Verification is run by the CI on every commit.


state is heavily tuned to perform optimally. InitCell is optimal for global storage retrieval; it is slightly faster than accessing global state initialized through lazy_static!, more so across many threads. LocalInitCell incurs slight overhead due to thread lookup. However, LocalInitCell has no synchronization overhead, so retrieval from LocalInitCell is faster than through InitCell across many threads.

Bear in mind that state allows global initialization at any point in the program. Other solutions, such as lazy_static! and thread_local! allow initialization only a priori. In other words, state's abilities are a superset of those provided by lazy_static! and thread_local! while being more performant.


Tests can be found in the tests directory. You can run tests with cargo test --all-features. Loom verification can be run with RUSTFLAGS="--cfg loom" cargo test --release --test loom.


state is licensed under either of the following, at your option:


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