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A rust wrapper of the HDF5 crate for handling Oxford Nanopore Technologies FAST5 files

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0.0.3 May 17, 2022
0.0.2 May 17, 2022
0.0.1 May 16, 2022

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Contains (ELF lib, 3.5MB) vbz_plugin/libvbz_hdf_plugin_x86_64.so, (ELF lib, 3MB) vbz_plugin/libvbz_hdf_plugin_aarch64.so, (Mach-o library, 515KB) vbz_plugin/libvbz_hdf_plugin.dylib, (Windows DLL, 210KB) vbz_plugin/vbz_hdf_plugin.dll


Manage FAST5 files with rust.


This crate wraps the most basic functionality of the ONT-FAST5-API for python, but in Rust!


Very much in alpha and a WIP, I worte this for one specific use case that I had.

Currently it is only possible to read and write FAST5. It uses the HDF5 crate to deal with HDF5 files. It does apply the VBZ plugin to the files.


~101K SLoC