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Collection of the official RGB smart contract schemata

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0.10.0 Sep 6, 2023
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Collection of official RGB schemata

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This repository provides rust source code and compiled versions of RGB contract schemata recommended for the use by contract developers.

RGB is confidential & scalable client-validated smart contracts for Bitcoin & Lightning. To learn more about RGB please check RGB blueprint and RGB FAQ websites.

The development of the project is supported and managed by LNP/BP Standards Association.


This repository provides the following RGB schemata:

  • Non-inflatable assets (NIA), implementing RGB20 interface. This is the simplest form of a fungible asset/token, which doesn't provide such features as secondary issue, ability to change asset name and parameters, ability to burn or replace the asset.

  • Unique digital asset (UDA), implementing RGB21 interface. This is the simplest form of an NFT, which has one issuance of a single non-fungible and non-fractionable token with a representative attached media file and a preview.

  • Collectible fungible assets (CFA), implementing RGB25 interface. This is the simplest form of collectible fungible assets


The library can be integrated into other rust projects via Cargo.toml [dependecies] section:

rgb-schemata = "0.10.0"


Minimum supported rust compiler version (MSRV): 1.66, rust 2021 edition.


See LICENCE file.


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