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Bitcoin protocol core library

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The library implements components necessary for working with Bitcoin consensus-level data structures and [client-side-validation] in bitcoin protocol, specifically

Client-side-validation is a paradigm for distributed computing, based on top of proof-of-publication/commitment medium layer, which may be a bitcoin blockchain or other type of distributed consensus system.

The development of the library is supported by LNP/BP Standards Association (GitHub page).

The original idea of client-side-validation was proposed by Peter Todd with its possible applications designed by Giacomo Zucco. It was shaped into the protocol design by Dr Maxim Orlovsky with an input from the community.


Detailed developer & API documentation for all libraries can be accessed at:

To learn about the technologies enabled by the library please check slides from our tech presentations and LNP/BP tech talks videos.


The repository contains rust libraries for dealing with Bitcoin consensus-level data and client-side validation.

Use library in other projects

To use libraries, you just need latest version of libraries, published to crates.io into [dependencies] section of your project Cargo.toml. Here is the full list of available libraries from this repository:

bp-consensus = "1" # Bitcoin protocol consensus crate
bp-dbc = "1" # Deterministic bitcoin commitments crate
bp-seals = "1" # Bitcoin single-use-seals crate
bp-core = "1" # Library including both of the previous crates

bp-core crate is an "umbrella" library containing all three libraries inside.


Contribution guidelines can be found in CONTRIBUTING

More information


Minimum supported rust compiler version (MSRV) is shown in rust-version of Cargo.toml.

Policy on altcoins

Altcoins and "blockchains" other than Bitcoin blockchain/Bitcoin protocols are not supported and not planned to be supported; pull requests targeting them will be declined.


The libraries are distributed on the terms of Apache 2.0 opensource license. See LICENCE file for the license details.


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