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Bitcoin protocol core library

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The library implements components necessary for [client-side-validation] in bitcoin protocol, specifically

Client-side-validation is a paradigm for distributed computing, based on top of proof-of-publication/commitment medium layer, which may be a bitcoin blockchain or other type of distributed consensus system.

The development of the library is supported by LNP/BP Standards Association and is performed on its GitHub page.

The original idea of client-side-validation was proposed by Peter Todd with its possible applications designed by Giacomo Zucco. It was shaped into the protocol design by Dr Maxim Orlovsky with a big input from the community.

Minimum supported rust version for the library (MSRV) is 1.66 and 2021 rust edition.


Detailed developer & API documentation for all libraries can be accessed at:

To learn about the technologies enabled by the library please check slides from our tech presentations and LNP/BP tech talks videos.


The repository contains rust libraries for client-side validation.

Use library in other projects

To use libraries, you just need latest version of libraries, published to crates.io into [dependencies] section of your project Cargo.toml. Here is the full list of available libraries from this repository:

bp-primitives = "1" # Bitcoin protocol primitives crate
bp-dbc = "1" # Deterministic bitcoin commitments crate
bp-seals = "1" # Bitcoin single-use-seals crate
bp-core = "1" # Library including both of the previous crates

bp-core crate is an "umbrella" library containing both deterministic bitcoin commitments and bitcoin seals crates inside.

Known applications

The current list of the projects based on the library include:


Contribution guidelines can be found in CONTRIBUTING

More information


This library requires minimum rust compiler version (MSRV) 1.66.0.

Policy on altcoins

Altcoins and "blockchains" other than Bitcoin blockchain/Bitcoin protocols are not supported and not planned to be supported; pull requests targeting them will be declined.


The libraries are distributed on the terms of Apache 2.0 opensource license. See LICENCE file for the license details.


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