Cargo Features

revela = { version = "0.0.9", default-features = false, features = ["std", "alloc", "no_std", "safe", "safest", "unsafe", "unsafe_constructors", "unsafe_init", "unsafe_libc", "unsafest", "nightly", "nightly_docs", "no-std", "bakends_no-std", "bakends_std", "all_std", "all_alloc", "all_no_std", "libc", "midir", "notcurses", "sdl2"] }


default = std

The std feature is set by default whenever revela is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default all_std? midir? notcurses? sdl2? = alloc, png

* environment features *

Enables std of cuadra, std of optional tiny-skia, std of devela ^0.8.0 and optional espera ^0.3.0 and std of acolor ^0.0.10


* libera *

and std of optional depura ^0.3.0



and std of optional libc


* backends *


Affects backend::Backend.version_string, capabilities::Capabilities.system

alloc all_alloc? std = linked_list_allocator

Affects text_grid::TextGrid.contents, backend::alloc

no_std all_alloc? all_no_std?

Enables no_std of acolor ^0.0.10 and devela ^0.8.0, no-std-float of optional tiny-skia

Affects backend::no_std, backend::alloc

safe safest?

* safety features *
forbids unsafe at the crate level

safest = safe

Enables safest of acolor ^0.0.10, optional depura ^0.3.0, devela ^0.8.0, and optional espera ^0.3.0

unsafe unsafest? = unsafe_constructors, unsafe_init, unsafe_libc
unsafe_constructors unsafe?

enables usage of unchecked constructors

unsafe_init unsafe?

enables fast array initialization

unsafe_libc unsafe?

enables unsafely interacting with libc

Affects no_std::panic_exit, no_std::read_char

unsafest = unsafe

Enables unsafest of acolor ^0.0.10 and devela ^0.8.0

nightly nightly_docs?

* nightly features *
enables the nightly features

nightly_docs = all_std, nightly

Enables vendored of optional notcurses


* deprecated features *


since v0.0.8

bakends_no_std bakends_alloc bakends_std

since v0.0.9

all_std nightly_docs? = crossterm, gilrs, kira, libc, midir, notcurses, sdl2, std

* backends *

all_alloc = alloc, libc, no_std, tiny-skia
all_no_std = libc, no_std, tiny-skia
libc all_alloc? all_no_std? all_std? = libc-print

* features automatically enabled by optional dependencies *

Affects no_std::panic_exit, no_std::read_char

midir all_std? = flume, std

Affects backend::midir

notcurses all_std? = std

Affects backend::notcurses

sdl2 all_std? = raw-window-handle, std

Enables sdl2 of acolor ^0.0.10 and sdl2 ^0.35.2



Affects backend::sdl2

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.


libc-print libc?
linked_list_allocator alloc?

With default (use_spin)

crossterm all_std?

Enables default (bracketed-paste) of crossterm ^0.26.1


Affects backend::crossterm

raw-window-handle sdl2?

Enables raw-window-handle ^0.4.2

latest = 0.5.2, in sdl2: 0.4.2

png std

gilrs all_std?

With default (wgi)

Affects backend::gilrs

flume midir?
kira all_std?

With default features