Cargo Features

acolor has no features set by default.

acolor = { version = "0.0.11", features = ["full", "full_std", "full_no_std", "std", "alloc", "no_std", "unsafest", "unsafe", "safe", "safest", "nightly", "nightly_docs", "no-std", "complete"] }



* capability features *

full complete? full_no_std? full_std? = approx, macroquad, notcurses, rgb, sdl2
full_std nightly_docs? = full, std, tiny-skia
full_no_std = full, no_std, tiny-skia
std full_std? = alloc

* environment features *

Enables std of devela ^0.9.0 and iunorm and std of optional approx


* optional dependencies *

and std of optional tiny-skia


needs either std or no_std feature:

Affects srgb::linearize32, srgb::nonlinearize32

alloc std?

enables alloc functionality (unused)

Enables alloc of devela ^0.9.0

no_std full_no_std? no-std? = approx, libm

Enables no-std-float of optional tiny-skia

Affects srgb::linearize32, srgb::nonlinearize32

unsafest = unsafe

* safety features *
enables unsafe recursively

Enables unsafest of devela ^0.9.0

unsafe unsafest?

enables unsafe features (unused)

safe safest?

forbids unsafe in this crate

safest = safe

forbids unsafe recursively

Enables safest of devela ^0.9.0

nightly nightly_docs?

* nightly features *
enables nightly features

nightly_docs = full_std, nightly

Enables nightly_docs of devela ^0.9.0, vendored of optional notcurses

no-std = no_std

* deprecated features *
since 0.0.10

complete = full

since 0.0.11

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.


libm no_std?
macroquad full?

rgb full?
sdl2 full?

Enables gfx of sdl2 ^0.35.2