Cargo Features

espera has no features set by default.

espera = { version = "0.4.0", features = ["full", "full_std", "full_no_std", "std", "alloc", "no_std", "unsafest", "unsafe", "safe", "safest", "nightly", "nightly_docs"] }



* capability features *

full full_no_std? full_std?

enables optional capabilities in this crate (unused)

full_std nightly_docs? = full, std
full_no_std = full, libc, no_std
std full_std? = ahash, alloc, arraydeque, sixbit, spin_sleep

* environment features *

Enables std of time

Affects espera::control, fmt::timecode_f64

alloc std?

enables alloc functionality

Affects fmt::timecode_ns_u64, fmt::timecode_f64

no_std full_no_std? = libm

enables functionality incompatible with std

unsafest = unsafe

* safety features *
enables unsafe recursively

Enables unsafest of devela ^0.9.0

unsafe nightly_docs? unsafest?

enables unsafe features in this crate

safe safest?

used together with libc for no_std unixtime (IMPROVE) forbids unsafe in this crate

safest = safe

forbids unsafe recursively

Enables safest of devela ^0.9.0

nightly nightly_docs?

* nightly features *
enables nightly features

nightly_docs = full_std, nightly, unsafe

Enables nightly_docs of devela ^0.9.0

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.


ahash std?

With default features

arraydeque std?

Enables default (std) of arraydeque ^0.4.5

sixbit std?
spin_sleep std?
libc full_no_std?

libm no_std?

Affects fmt::timecode_f64