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ML framework with Ergonomic APIs in Rust

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0.7.0 Jan 23, 2024

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ML framework with ergonomic APIs in Rust. Lazy computation and composable transformations like JAX.


cargo add rai

Code snippets

Function transformations (jvp, vjp, grad, value_and_grad)

use rai::{grad, Cpu, Tensor, F32};

fn f(x: &Tensor) -> Tensor {

fn main() {
    let grad_fn = grad(grad(f));
    let x = &Tensor::ones([1], F32, &Cpu);
    let grad = grad_fn(x);
    println!("{}", grad.dot_graph());
    println!("{}", grad);

NN Modules, Optimizer and loss functions

fn loss_fn<M: TrainableModule<Input = Tensor, Output = Tensor>>(
    model: &M,
    input: &Tensor,
    labels: &Tensor,
) -> (Tensor, Aux<Tensor>) {
    let logits = model.forward(input);
    let loss = softmax_cross_entropy(&logits, labels).mean(..);
    (loss, Aux(logits))

fn train_step<M: TrainableModule<Input = Tensor, Output = Tensor>, O: Optimizer>(
    optimizer: &mut O,
    model: &M,
    input: &Tensor,
    labels: &Tensor,
) {
    let vg_fn = value_and_grad(loss_fn);
    let ((_loss, Aux(_logits)), (grads, ..)) = vg_fn((model, input, labels));
    let mut params = optimizer.step(&grads);
    model.update_params(&mut params);


  • linear_regression
    • cargo run --bin linear_regression --release
  • mnist
    • cargo run --bin mnist --release
    • cargo run --bin mnist --release --features=cuda
  • mnist-cnn
    • cargo run --bin mnist-cnn --release
    • cargo run --bin mnist-cnn --release --features=cuda
  • phi2
    • cargo run --bin phi2 --release
    • cargo run --bin phi2 --release --features=cuda
  • phi3
    • cargo run --bin phi3 --release
    • cargo run --bin phi3 --release --features=cuda
  • qwen2
    • cargo run --bin qwen2 --release
    • cargo run --bin qwen2 --release --features=cuda
  • gemma
    • accept license agreement in https://huggingface.co/google/gemma-2b
    • pip install huggingface_hub
    • login to hf huggingface-cli login
    • cargo run --bin gemma --release
    • cargo run --bin gemma --release --features=cuda
  • vit
    • cargo run --bin vit --release
    • cargo run --bin vit --release --features=cuda


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