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gRPC client for the QCS API

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This crate provides an autogenerated gRPC client for the QCS API, along with helper utilities for automatically loading credentials from a user's QCS config and keeping authentication tokens refreshed.

  • get_channel: create a Channel to the given gRPC endpoint with QCS authentication automatically set up, that routes requests through client-side HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS5 proxies based on the presence of HTTPS_PROXY or HTTP_PROXY environment variables.
  • wrap_channel: wrap an existing Channel with QCS authentication.

Quick Start

See docs.rs for a quick start guide.


The get_channel function configures the returned Channel to route requests through a client proxy based on the presence of environment variables HTTPS_PROXY and/or HTTP_PROXY. The variable names can be all-uppercase or all-lowercase, but the all-uppercase variants will take precedence. Currently, the supported proxy schemes are http, https, and socks5.

There are some caveats to the proxy configuration:

  • If both variables are defined, neither can be a socks5 proxy, unless they are both the same value.
  • If only one variable is defined, and it is a socks5 proxy, all traffic will routed through it.


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