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The qcs crate is a high-level interface to Rigetti's Quantum Cloud Services, allowing Rust developers to run Quil programs on Rigetti's QPUs. This crate is a Rust port of pyQuil, though it currently has a much smaller feature set.

For the C-bindings to this library, check out qcs-sdk-c


This crate is documented primarily via rustdoc comments and examples, which are available on docs.rs.


Most development tasks are automated with cargo-make (like make, but you can have dependencies on other Rust tools and a ton of useful tasks are built in). Install cargo-make by doing cargo install cargo-make. Then you can invoke it with either cargo make <task> or makers <task>. Tasks are defined in files called Makefile.toml.

In order to run all checks exactly the same way that CI does, use makers ci-flow from the project root (workspace).


Because this library relies on [ØMQ], cmake is required:

  • macOS [Homebrew] : brew install cmake
  • Windows [Chocolatey]: choco install cmake
  • Debian: apt install cmake

Running Tests

The best way to go about this is via makers or cargo make with no task. This will default to dev-test-flow which formats all code, builds, and tests everything.

Any tests which cannot be run in CI should be run with makers manual. These tests require configured QCS credentials with access to internal functions, as well as a connection to the Rigetti VPN.


makers lint will lint run all static checks.


To build the docs.rs-style docs, run makers docs. You can also do makers serve-docs to launch a local webserver for viewing immediately.


To release this crate, manually run the release workflow in GitHub Actions.


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