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Utilities for creating a Python wrapper for a Rust library

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Rigetti PyO3

This crate defines a set of macros for creating PyO3 bindings to an existing Rust crate.

That is, given Rust library crate foo, these macros can be used inside a crate foo-python to create Python bindings. This is not intended for creating a standalone Python library using Rust.

See the docs for more.

Note: The above link will be broken until the crate is published on crates.io. For now, clone locally and use cargo doc --open to read the docs instead.

Rigetti PyO3 is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


Helpful macros and traits for creating a Python wrapper of a Rust library.

See Macros and Traits for the main items in this crate.


See the examples directory in the source for example usage of a majority of the crate.

Alternatively, check the examples on the macros in this documentation.


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