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Tools for symbolise addresses from bin (pdex.elf) and Playdate's trace or crashlog

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Symbolizer for Playdate

Three tools:

  • pd-addr2line - takes address, returns symbol with span
  • pd-symbolize-crashlog - takes crashlog.txt, returns symbolized crashlog
  • pd-symbolize-trace - takes trace-dump and symbolizing it

All of them have almost same interface.


The pd-addr2line can operate with stdin or file.

pd-addr2line --exe pdex.elf -Cfri 0xc0a 0x8053C75 10 0x6000027a 0x080bf518
echo "0x8053c75\n0x80bf518" | pd-addr2line --exe pdex.elf -Cfri

The pd-symbolize-trace can operate with stdin or file. Parameter --exe is optional and usually not needed for traces, but 🤷🏻‍♂️.

export RUST_LOG="info" # prevent unnecessary logs from appearing in the output
pd-symbolize-trace -Cfri trace-dump.txt # parse file, without elf
pd-symbolize-trace --exe pdex.elf -Cfri trace-dump.txt # with elf
cat trace-dump.txt | pd-symbolize-trace --exe pdex.elf -Cfri # pipe

The pd-symbolize-crashlog can process crashlog file, currently stdin not supported.

pd-symbolize-crashlog --exe pdex.elf -Cfr /Volumes/PLAYDATE/crashlog.txt

All tools have --help parameter.


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