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A library to symbolicate and process stack traces from native applications, minidumps, Unreal Engine 4 or minified JavaScript

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Symbolic is a library written in Rust which is used at Sentry to implement symbolication of native stack traces, sourcemap handling for minified JavaScript and more. It consists of multiple largely independent crates which are bundled together into a C and Python library so it can be used independently of Rust.

What's in the package

Symbolic provides the following functionality:

  • Symbolication based on custom cache files (symcache)
  • Symbol cache file generators from:
    • Mach, ELF and PE symbol tables
    • Mach and ELF embedded DWARF data
    • PDB CodeView debug information
    • Breakpad symbol files
  • Demangling support
    • C++ (GCC, clang and MSVC)
    • Objective C / Objective C++
    • Rust
    • Swift
  • JavaScript sourcemap expansion
    • Basic token mapping
    • Heuristics to find original function names based on minified sources
    • Indexed sourcemap to sourcemap merging
  • Minidump / Breakpad processing
    • Generate Breakpad symbol files from Mach, ELF and PDBs
    • Process Minidumps to retrieve stack traces
  • Convenient C and Python library
  • Processing of Unreal Engine 4 native crash reports
    • Extract and process minidumps
    • Expose logs and UE4 context information


Add symbolic as a dependency to your Cargo.toml. You will most likely want to activate some of the features:

  • debuginfo (default): Contains support for various object file formats and debugging information. Currently, this comprises MachO and ELF (with DWARF debugging), PE and PDB, as well as Breakpad symbols.
  • demangle: Demangling for Rust, C++, Swift and Objective C symbols. This feature requires a C++14 compiler on the PATH.
  • minidump: Rust bindings for the Breakpad Minidump processor. Additionally, this includes facilities to extract stack unwinding information (sometimes called CFI) from object files. This feature requires a C++11 compiler on the PATH.
  • sourcemap: Processing and expansion of JavaScript source maps, as well as lookups for minified function names.
  • symcache: An optimized, platform-independent storage for common debugging information. This allows blazing fast symbolication of instruction addresses to function names and file locations.
  • unreal: Processing of Unreal Engine 4 crash reports.

There are also alternate versions for some of the above features that additionally add implementations for serde::{Deserialize, Serialize} on suitable types:

  • common-serde
  • debuginfo-serde
  • minidump-serde
  • unreal-serde

Minimal Rust Version

This crate is known to require at least Rust 1.41.

License: MIT


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