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Playdate Package Build Utils

Contains manifest format and "build assets by metadata" utils.


Here is the metadata format explanation in examples

Package Info

# Playdate Package Info
# official doc: https://sdk.play.date/#pdxinfo
name = "{name}"               # optional, default is package.name
author = "{author}"           # optional, default is package.authors
version = "{version}"         # optional, default is package.version
description = "{description}" # optional, default is package.description
bundle-id = "com.yourcompany.{bundle_id}"

image-path = "img/system"      # optional
launch-sound-path = "sfx/jump" # optional

content-warning = "This game contains mild realistic, violence and bloodshed." # optional
content-warning2 = "Really scary game."                                        # optional


Instructions for Playdate Package Build System such as cargo-playdate.

Describes where assets are stored, how and where they should be in the package.



Assets that for examples or tests only, inherited by main assets.


Dev assets works the same way as main assets, and further saying assets means both assets and dev-assets.

There is two options how to set assets - list or table:

Assets List

Simplest way to declare assets is just list of paths.

  • Path can contain glob-patterns like /**/*o*e.png
  • Path can contain env-vars like ${MY_VARIABLE}
  • Path can be absolute or relative to crate root

So all matched files will be included.

assets = ["assets/**/*.wav", "assets/**/*.png"]

If glob in path, resulting path of file starts with matched part of path, e.g.:

  • for assets/**/*.wav it will be foo/some.wav, if assets contains foo dir

Assets Table

This is a complex way of specifying what assets should be included.

  • Left hand is a path where asset should be in the package,

  • Right hand is the path where source(s) should be found.

  • Both hands can contain globs.

  • Both hands can contain env-var queries like ${MY_VARIABLE}

  • Left hand path is relative to building playdate-package root

  • Right hand path can be absolute or relative to crate root

# Next line means that all png-files in SystemAssets dir wil be included and placed in img/system directory
"img/system/" = "${PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH}/Examples/Game Template/Source/SystemAssets/*.png"
# Next line means that jump.wav will be included and placed in package as sfx/jump.wav
"sfx/jump.wav" = "${PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH}/Examples/Level 1-1/Source/sfx/jump.wav"
# Next line means that img.png will be included in root of package
"/" = "assets/img.png" # path is relative to crate root

Also this way supports simple include and exclude instructions:

"rel-to-crate-root/file-to-include" = true   # left hand is a local path, relative to crate-root,
"file-to-exclude" = false  # OR resulting path that where asset will be in the resulting package.

Assets Options

There is some options where to set asset options:

  • [package.metadata.playdate.assets.options]
  • [package.metadata.playdate.options.assets]

Both are equal but should not be both in one crate.

dependencies = true    # allow to build assets for dependencies (default is `true`)
overwrite = true       # overwrite existing assets in build dir (default is `true`)
method = "link"        # "copy" or "link"   (default is `link`)  -  how assets should be collected, make symlinks or copy files
follow-symlinks = true # follow symlinks    (default is `true`)


Package build options, instruction for Playdate Package Build System such as cargo-playdate.


Available options is assets, see Assets Options.

Currently there is no more options, it's just reserved for future use.

This software is not sponsored or supported by Panic.


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