Cargo Features

Rusqlite has no features set by default.

rusqlite = { version = "0.30.0", features = ["load_extension", "backup", "blob", "collation", "functions", "trace", "release_memory", "bundled", "bundled-sqlcipher", "bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl", "buildtime_bindgen", "limits", "loadable_extension", "hooks", "i128_blob", "sqlcipher", "unlock_notify", "vtab", "csvtab", "array", "session", "window", "series", "extra_check", "modern_sqlite", "in_gecko", "bundled-windows", "with-asan", "column_decltype", "wasm32-wasi-vfs", "winsqlite3", "serialize", "modern-full", "bundled-full", "rusqlite-macros"] }
load_extension modern-full?
backup modern-full?

hot-backup interface: 3.6.11 (2009-02-18)

Affects rusqlite::backup

blob modern-full?

sqlite3_blob_reopen: 3.7.4

Affects rusqlite::blob

collation modern-full?
functions modern-full? window?

sqlite3_create_function_v2: 3.7.3 (2010-10-08)

Affects rusqlite::functions

trace modern-full?

sqlite3_log: 3.6.23 (2010-03-09)

Affects rusqlite::trace


sqlite3_db_release_memory: 3.7.10 (2012-01-16)

bundled bundled-full? bundled-sqlcipher? = modern_sqlite

Enables bundled of libsqlite3-sys

bundled-sqlcipher bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl? = bundled

Enables bundled-sqlcipher of libsqlite3-sys

bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl = bundled-sqlcipher

Enables bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl of libsqlite3-sys


Enables buildtime_bindgen of libsqlite3-sys

limits modern-full?

Affects rusqlite::limits


Enables loadable_extension of libsqlite3-sys

hooks modern-full? session?

Affects inner_connection::InnerConnection.free_commit_hook, inner_connection::InnerConnection.free_rollback_hook, inner_connection::InnerConnection.free_update_hook, inner_connection::InnerConnection.progress_handler, inner_connection::InnerConnection.authorizer, rusqlite::hooks

i128_blob modern-full?

Enables sqlcipher of libsqlite3-sys

unlock_notify modern-full?

Enables unlock_notify of libsqlite3-sys

Affects unlock_notify::wait_for_unlock_notify

vtab array? csvtab? modern-full? series?

xSavepoint, xRelease and xRollbackTo: 3.7.7 (2011-06-23)

Affects rusqlite::vtab

csvtab modern-full? = csv, vtab

Affects vtab::csvtab

array modern-full? = vtab

pointer passing interfaces: 3.20.0

Affects vtab::array

session = hooks

session extension: 3.13.0

Enables session of libsqlite3-sys

Affects rusqlite::session

window modern-full? = functions

window functions: 3.25.0

Affects functions::WindowAggregate

series modern-full? = vtab


Affects vtab::series

extra_check modern-full?

check for invalid query.

modern_sqlite bundled? in_gecko? modern-full? serialize?

]3.14.0, last]

Enables bundled_bindings of libsqlite3-sys

Affects error::error_with_offset, transaction::TransactionState

in_gecko = modern_sqlite

Enables in_gecko of libsqlite3-sys


Enables bundled-windows of libsqlite3-sys


Build bundled sqlite with -fsanitize=address

Enables with-asan of libsqlite3-sys

column_decltype modern-full?

Affects column::Column


Enables wasm32-wasi-vfs of libsqlite3-sys


Note: doesn't support 32-bit.

Enables winsqlite3 of libsqlite3-sys

serialize = modern_sqlite


Affects rusqlite::serialize

modern-full bundled-full? = array, backup, blob, chrono, collation, column_decltype, csvtab, extra_check, functions, hooks, i128_blob, limits, load_extension, modern_sqlite, serde_json, series, time, trace, unlock_notify, url, uuid, vtab, window

Helper feature for enabling most non-build-related optional features or dependencies (except session). This is useful for running tests / clippy / etc. New features and optional dependencies that don't conflict with anything else should be added here.

bundled-full = bundled, modern-full

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

time modern-full?

With formatting, macros, parsing and default (std)

chrono modern-full?

With clock

serde_json modern-full?

With default (std)

csv csvtab?
url modern-full?
uuid modern-full?

With default (std)

rusqlite-macros implicit feature