Cargo Features

libsqlite3-sys = { version = "0.27.0", default-features = false, features = ["bundled", "bundled-windows", "bundled-sqlcipher", "bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl", "buildtime_bindgen", "sqlcipher", "min_sqlite_version_3_14_0", "bundled_bindings", "loadable_extension", "unlock_notify", "preupdate_hook", "session", "wasm32-wasi-vfs", "winsqlite3", "openssl-sys"] }
default = min_sqlite_version_3_14_0

The min_sqlite_version_3_14_0 feature is set by default whenever libsqlite3-sys is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

bundled bundled-sqlcipher? = bundled_bindings, cc
bundled-windows = bundled_bindings, cc
bundled-sqlcipher bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl? = bundled
bundled-sqlcipher-vendored-openssl = bundled-sqlcipher

Enables vendored of openssl-sys

buildtime_bindgen preupdate_hook? session? = bindgen, pkg-config, vcpkg
min_sqlite_version_3_14_0 default = pkg-config, vcpkg
bundled_bindings bundled? bundled-windows?

Bundle only the bindings file. Note that this does nothing if buildtime_bindgen is enabled.

loadable_extension = prettyplease, quote, syn

Affects error::InitError


sqlite3_unlock_notify >= 3.6.12

preupdate_hook session? = buildtime_bindgen


session = buildtime_bindgen, preupdate_hook


in_gecko with-asan wasm32-wasi-vfs

lowest version shipped with Windows 10.0.10586 was

Note that because winsqlite3.dll exports SQLite functions using a atypical ABI on 32-bit systems, this is currently unsupported on these. This may change in the future.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

openssl-sys implicit feature
bindgen buildtime_bindgen? build

Enables runtime of bindgen

pkg-config buildtime_bindgen? min_sqlite_version_3_14_0 build

Enables pkg-config

cc bundled? bundled-windows? build

Enables cc

vcpkg buildtime_bindgen? min_sqlite_version_3_14_0 build

Enables vcpkg

prettyplease loadable_extension? build

Enables prettyplease

for loadable_extension:

quote loadable_extension? build

Enables quote

like bindgen

syn loadable_extension? build

Enables full, extra-traits, visit-mut and default features of syn

like bindgen