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Nohboard is great! But it's only for Windows. The only alternative is Tiyenti's KBDisplay, which is really great, but limited in functionality. My primary goal with this project is to replicate the functionality of NohBoard in a Linux-compatible manner. More specifically, I want to be able to feed in any NohBoard config file and have near-identical output to NohBoard.

I may add functionality where I think it would fit, but I want to prioritize interoperability with NohBoard. Call it just another incentive for gamers to switch to Linux.


Just right-click anywhere in the window, and pick which keyboard you want to use!

See NohBoard's documentation for more info on usage. NuhxBoard can't do everything that NohBoard can, but everything it does, NohBoard does too.


NuhxBoard is currently only on crates.io. It can also be installed with cargo-binstall. If you use Linux and either install without binstall or build from source, you will need the libxi-dev and lib-xtst packages installed. You can also install NuhxBoard using the option matching your platform on the latest release page. Once you've installed it, you'll have to run it from the command line using the --install to add it to your start menu and create the necessary program files.


Version 0.5.0 takes advantage of iced version 0.12.0's new features and iced_aw's context menu to make the the application purely graphical, with a seperate window for loading a keyboard, error pop-up windows (instead of crashing over an error), and an all-new settings menu, getting closer to NohBoard's behavior and usage. However, there's a problem. While most parts of iced_aw work with iced v0.12.0, there are a couple things they still need to work on (see this issue) before a new release, so I have to depend on its github repo to use its context menu. Crates.io won't let you publish a crate with a git dependency, so I can't release 0.5.0 until iced_aw has its next release. I will push releases to GitHub, but you won't be getting the most up-to-date version from any package managers for now.



Configurable like NohBoard:



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