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A simple utility to manage fonts on linux systems

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Font Manager CLI

A simple CLI to manage fonts on Linux


This proyect is already usable, but breaking changes are expected.


Using cargo

cargo install font-manager


This utility simplifies managing fonts inside of the terminal.

Built-in support for nerd fonts on the nerd font aggregator proyect

All the fonts will be installed under the $HOME/.fonts/ creating it if it doesn't exist


use help to understand all options

font-manager --help


you can install nerd fonts that are contained on the project just by giving the name:

font-manager install --nerd FiraCode

or install any font giving the path to a zip file containing the fonts:

font-manager install --from-zip /path/to/zipfile/font.zip

If you don't want to manually download the font, you might pass the url containing the zip file

Ex: the JetbrainsMono font

font-manager install --from-url https://download.jetbrains.com/fonts/JetBrainsMono-2.242.zip


These flags can be sent for any installation option.


By default, this will ignore any .otf fonts to avoid conflicts of the same font with .ttf. If you prefer the .otf, or the package only contains .otf, send this flag and .otf fonts will be installed ignoring .ttf

font-manager install --nerd FiraCode --use-otf

By default, this will install everything in the package (taking into account the otf/ttf preference). If you prefer to select the specific files to be installed, send this flag

font-manager install --nerd FiraCode -i

if interactive is sent, the --use-otf will be ignored if also sent, as you will be asked for each file


Installing nerd fonts won't leave any residual files, but downloading will leave the zip file, you can indicate a flag to delete this. (this flag also works for --from-zip if you want to delete the zip file as well)

font-manager install --from-url https://download.jetbrains.com/fonts/JetBrainsMono-2.242.zip --delete-zip
font-manager install --from-zip /path/to/zipfile/font.zip --delete-zip


any installed nerd font can be removed just by giving the font name

font-manager uninstall FiraCode

If you wish to remove any other installed font, you need to give the exact folder name containing the fonts on the $HOME/.fonts/ folder. Usually, it will use the zip name as the name

font-manager uninstall JetBrainsMono-2.242


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