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Cross platform input simulation in Rust!

  • Serialize/Deserialize
  • Linux (X11) mouse
  • Linux (X11) text
  • Linux (Wayland) mouse
  • Linux (Wayland) text
  • Linux (libei) mouse
  • Linux (libei) text
  • MacOS mouse
  • MacOS text
  • Windows mouse
  • Windows text

Enigo also works on *BSDs if they use X11 or Wayland. I don't have a machine to test it and there are no Github Action runners for it, so the BSD support is not explicitly listed.

let mut enigo = Enigo::new(&Settings::default()).unwrap();

enigo.move_mouse(500, 200, Abs).unwrap();
enigo.button(Button::Left, Click).unwrap();
enigo.text("Hello World! here is a lot of text  ❤️").unwrap();

For more, look at the (examples).


By default, enigo currently works on Windows, macOS and Linux (X11). If you want to be able to serialize and deserialize commands for enigo (example), you need to activate the serde feature.

There are multiple ways how to simulate input on Linux and not all systems support everything. Enigo can also use wayland protocols and libei to simulate input but there are currently some bugs with it. That is why they are hidden behind feature flags.

If you do not want your users to have to install any runtime dependencies on Linux when using X11, you can try the experimental x11rb feature.

Runtime dependencies

Linux users may have to install libxdo-dev if they are using X11. For example, on Debian-based distros:

apt-get install libxdo-dev

On Arch:

pacman -S xdotool

On Fedora:

dnf install libX11-devel libxdo-devel

On Gentoo:

emerge -a xdotool

Migrating from a previous version

Please have a look at our changelog to find out what you have to do, if you used a previous version.


Some platforms have security measures in place to prevent programs from entering keys or controlling the mouse. Have a look at the permissions documentation to see what you need to do to allow it.


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