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app nix-init

Generate Nix packages from URLs with hash prefetching, dependency inference, license detection, and more

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0.3.0 Sep 16, 2023
0.2.4 Jul 7, 2023
0.2.3 Apr 29, 2023
0.2.1 Mar 22, 2023
0.0.0 Jan 18, 2023

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Generate Nix packages from URLs

Note: It is likely that the generated package will not work without some tweaks, also remember to double check the license and description even if it does work

  • Hash prefetching powered by nurl with support for cargoHash and vendorHash
  • Dependency inference for Rust, Go, and Python projects
  • Interactive prompts with fuzzy tab completions
  • License detection


The latest release of nix-init is packaged in nixpkgs and kept up to date on the unstable branches

If you want to use a more recent snapshot of nix-init, it is also available as a flake. The following command is equivalent to running nix-init --help:

nix run github:nix-community/nix-init -- --help

or if you don't have flakes enabled:

nix run --extra-experimental-features "flakes nix-command" github:nix-community/nix-init -- --help


Usage: nix-init [OPTIONS] [OUTPUT]

  [OUTPUT]  The path or directory to output the generated file to

  -u, --url <URL>          Specify the URL
  -n, --nixpkgs <NIXPKGS>  Path to nixpkgs (in nix)
  -C, --commit[=<COMMIT>]  Commit the changes if the output path is name-based (RFC 140) [possible values: true, false]
  -c, --config <CONFIG>    Specify the config file
  -h, --help               Print help
  -V, --version            Print version

Supported builders

  • stdenv.mkDerivation
  • buildRustPackage
  • buildPythonApplication and buildPythonPackage
  • buildGoModule

Supported fetchers

  • fetchCrate
  • fetchFromGitHub
  • fetchFromGitLab
  • fetchFromGitea
  • fetchPypi
  • All other fetchers supported by nurl are also supported, you just have to manually input the tag/revision of the package


nix-init will try to find nix-init/config.toml under XDG configuration directories

# ~/.config/nix-init/config.toml

# maintainers that will get added to the package meta
maintainers = ["figsoda"]

# path to nixpkgs (in nix), equivalent to `--nixpkgs`
nixpkgs = "<nixpkgs>" # use the nixpkgs from channels (default)
# nixpkgs = 'builtins.getFlake "nixpkgs"' # use the nixpkgs from the flake registry

# commit the changes if the output path is name-based (RFC 140)
# see https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/tree/master/pkgs/by-name for more information
commit = true

# access tokens to access private repositories and avoid rate limits
"github.com" = "ghp_blahblahblah..."
"gitlab.com".command = ["secret-tool", "or", "whatever", "you", "use"]
"gitlab.gnome.org".file = "/path/to/api/token"




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