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heck is a case conversion library

"I specifically requested the opposite of this."

This library exists to provide case conversion between common cases like CamelCase and snake_case. It is intended to be unicode aware, internally consistent, and reasonably well performing.

Definition of a word boundary

Word boundaries are defined as the "unicode words" defined in the unicode_segmentation library, as well as within those words in this manner:

  1. All underscore characters are considered word boundaries.
  2. If an uppercase character is followed by lowercase letters, a word boundary is considered to be just prior to that uppercase character.
  3. If multiple uppercase characters are consecutive, they are considered to be within a single word, except that the last will be part of the next word if it is followed by lowercase characters (see rule 2).

That is, "HelloWorld" is segmented Hello|World whereas "XMLHttpRequest" is segmented XML|Http|Request.

Characters not within words (such as spaces, punctuations, and underscores) are not included in the output string except as they are a part of the case being converted to. Multiple adjacent word boundaries (such as a series of underscores) are folded into one. ("hello__world" in snake case is therefore "hello_world", not the exact same string). Leading or trailing word boundary indicators are dropped, except insofar as CamelCase capitalizes the first word.

Cases contained in this library:

  1. CamelCase
  2. snake_case
  3. kebab-case
  5. mixedCase
  6. Title Case


PRs of additional well-established cases welcome.

This library is a little bit opinionated (dropping punctuation, for example). If that doesn't fit your use case, I hope there is another crate that does. I would prefer not to receive PRs to make this behavior more configurable.

Bug reports & fixes always welcome. :-)


heck is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).