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A small TUI email client written in Rust.

Why the name?

This app is a front end to the CLI mail client Himalaya, and is based on a Rust TUI crate named Ratatui. Rattus Nitidus is the scientific name for the Himalayan field rat.


This is pretty much just a PoC right now, so install himalaya, run it once to generate a config and then run this. Check the command line params with --help

A TUI email client

Usage: nitidus [OPTIONS]

  -c, --config <FILE>           A path to a himalaya configuration file
  -a, --account-name <ACCOUNT>  The name of the account to use from the configuration file
  -f, --folder <FOLDER>         The mail folder to open
  -h, --help                    Print help
  -V, --version                 Print version



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