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app mmtc

Minimal mpd terminal client that aims to be simple yet highly configurable

21 releases

0.3.2 Feb 16, 2023
0.3.1 Dec 5, 2022
0.3.0 Oct 27, 2022
0.2.14 Nov 8, 2021
0.2.6 Nov 29, 2020

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Minimal mpd terminal client that aims to be simple yet highly configurable



The latest precompiled binaries are available on github.

Alternatively you can install mmtc from crates.io with cargo.

cargo install mmtc

Building from source

cargo build --release


Usage: mmtc [OPTIONS]

      --clear-query-on-play     Clear query on play
  -C, --cmd [<CMD>...]          Run mpd commands and exit
      --cycle                   Cycle through the queue
      --no-clear-query-on-play  Don't clear query on play
      --no-cycle                Don't cycle through the queue
      --address <address>       Specify the address of the mpd server
  -c, --config <file>           Specify the config file
      --jump-lines <number>     The number of lines to jump
      --seek-secs <number>      The time to seek in seconds
      --ups <number>            The amount of status updates per second
  -h, --help                    Print help information (use `--help` for more detail)
  -V, --version                 Print version information

Environment variables

Setting both MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT is the equalvalent of --address $MPD_HOST:$MPD_PORT

Precedence: command line arguments > environment variables > configuration file

Key bindings

Key Action
q or Ctrl + q quit mmtc
r toggle repeat
R toggle random
s toggle single
S toggle oneshot
c toggle consume
p toggle pause
; stop
h or Left seek backwards
l or Right seek forwards
H previous song
L next song
Enter play selected song or quit searching mode if in searching mode
Space select current song or the first song in the queue
j, Down, or ScrollDown go down in the queue
k, Up, or ScrollUp go up in the queue
J, Ctrl + d, or PageDown jump down in the queue
K, Ctrl + u, or PageUp jump up in the queue
g go to the top of the queue
G go to the bottom of the queue
/ enter searching mode
Ctrl + u empty search query
Escape quit searching mode and empty query


See Configuration.md




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