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A small application to generate json and yaml files of statistics based on Spotify streaming history files

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Get statistics from your Spotify history.


Required: At least one file downloaded from Spotify of your listening history. It can be downloaded from the Account -> Privacy page after requesting an export of your data. In the resulting export it will be a file named similar to StreamingHistory0.json. This program can use any number of them.

Generating Listen Events

Krustens reads the streaming history files and generates events it can read back later to generate the statistics. It does this to attempt to ensure that it does not double-count any duplicate track plays between the spotify history files. Krustens right now also counts any song played for less than a minute as "skipped".

To start clone the repo and run cargo run -- -h to see the defaults for the input and outputs. If you'd like to change those values, provide different options to -o or -i. The default for input is ./data/spotify_play_history and output is ./output.

When krustens starts it will read its configuration from this file. Once this is done run

cargo run -- -m process

to generate the events. -m denotes what mode to run in (process or generate). An app_data folder will be generated alongside the application which will contain a file of the events and a snapshot of what has been seen.

Once the events have been generated, you can generate statistics by just running the program with no extra parameter. (The default mode is generate)

cargo run

The stats folder will be generated and it will then contains a number of stats files. Right now the only real values that can be changed is the year to generate statistics for (e.g. 2020 or 2021) and how many Top songs or artists to include in the general stats. For a full list of options run cargo run -- -h.


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