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Terminal Music and Podcast Player written in Rust. Can download music from youtube(netease/migu/kugou) and then embed lyrics and album photos into mp3/m4a/flac/wav/ogg vorbis files.

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0.9.0 Mar 24, 2024
0.7.11 Jul 10, 2023
0.7.10 Apr 9, 2023
0.7.9 Feb 16, 2023
0.2.11 Jul 16, 2021

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MIT and GPL-3.0+

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Terminal Music and Podcast Player written in Rust

Listen to music and podcasts freely as both in freedom and free of charge!

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Freedom: As time goes by, online service providers control pretty much everything we listen to. Complicated copyright issues make things worse. If my favorite song cannot be found on a website, I'll probably just not listen to them for years.

Free of charge: You can download from YouTube, NetEase, Migu and KuGou for free. No need to register for monthly paid memberships.

As a contributor of GOMU, I met serious problems during development. The main problem is data race condition. So I rewrote the player in rust, and hope to solve the problem.

Supported Formats

Below are the audio formats supported by the various backends.

In the case that metadata is not supported, an attempt will still be made to play the file.

Format (feature) Symphonia (rusty) Mpv (mpv) Gstreamer (gst) Metadata
ADTS Yes Yes Yes No
AIFF No Yes Yes Yes
FLAC Yes Yes Yes Yes
M4a Yes Yes Yes Yes
MP3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opus No Yes Yes Yes
Ogg Vorbis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wav Yes Yes Yes Yes
WebM Yes(opus not supported) Yes Yes No
MKV Yes(depends on codec) Yes Yes No

Default backend: rusty




You will need to build with the stable rust toolchain. Minimal Supported Rust Version 1.74.1.


git will be required to build the package.


Backend Requirements
Symphonia You will need ALSA installed to support decoding with symphonia.
Note that the ALSA development files are required. These are provided as part of the libasound2-dev package on Debian and Ubuntu distributions and alsa-lib-devel on Fedora.
GStreamer GStreamer


This is required to build and run termusic. For ubuntu: apt-get protobuf-compiler, For arch: paru -S protobuf.


As right now use_dbus is a configuration option, it's required to compile. For ubuntu: apt-get libdbus-1-dev, For arch: paru -S dbus.

Yt-dlp support

You can optionally install yt-dlp and FFmpeg to download MP3s from Youtube.

Album cover support

For kitty, album cover support is default. For other terminals, need ueberzug/ueberzugpp installed and cover feature flag compiled.


Do note that these will be compiled with the symphonia backend.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux users can install termusic from the AUR using an AUR helper.

paru termusic


NetBSD users can install termusic from the official repositories.

pkgin install termusic


Either in the user's environment:

nix-env --install termusic

Or declaratively in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix:

    environment.systemPackagess = with pkgs; [


cargo install termusic termusic-server --locked

From Source

git clone https://github.com/tramhao/termusic.git
cd termusic

Then install with:

make install

By default, termusic can display album covers in Kitty or iTerm2 (mac, not tested). If you need album covers displayed on other terminals, please install ueberzug or ueberzugpp, then:

make full

Finally, you can run it with:


You can copy it anywhere in your $PATH. The configuration file is located in ~/.config/termusic/config.toml (or on macOS, ~/Library/Application Support/termusic/config.toml). However, as this is a minimalistic program, you don't need to edit the configuration file and almost everything can be set from the app.


  • Better interface to adjust timestamp of lyric.
  • Rating and sync support.
  • Multiple root and easy switch.
  • Save playlists.
  • Listen to rss feeds/Podcasts. Need a new layout.

Contributing and issues 🤝🏻

Contributions, bug reports, new features and questions are welcome! 😉 If you have any question or concern, or you want to suggest a new feature, or you want just want to improve termusic, feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Please follow our contributing guidelines





MIT License for main part of code. GPLv3 for NetEase api code under src/lyric/netease. Comes from netease-cloud-music-gtk. GPLv3 for Podcast code under src/podcast. Comes from shellcaster.


~1.5M SLoC