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app mpd_info_screen

Displays info on currently playing music from an MPD daemon

17 releases

0.4.5 Mar 2, 2023
0.4.3 Feb 4, 2023
0.3.7 Oct 30, 2022
0.2.20 May 16, 2022
0.2.19 Mar 23, 2022

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mpd info screen

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A Rust program that displays info about the currently running MPD server.

The window shows albumart (may be embedded in the audio file, or is a "cover.jpg" in the same directory as the song file), a "time-remaining" counter, and the filename currently being played

Known Bugs ❗❗

Version 0.4.5 is a "workaround" release that is branched off of version 0.3.7. Once a new release of ggez is released that fixes the known bugs, a new version will be released with the fixes. Because this is based on 0.3.7 of mpd_info_screen, Wayland support may not work. Try using xwayland with the environment variable WINIT_UNIX_BACKEND=x11 set. A future release using the latest version of ggez should work with Wayland.

Currently, the dependency "ggez 0.8.1" fails to render album art on my machines using the latest version of this program (main branch). A version with this fix cannot be published to https://crates.io due to this version referring to a git commit as a dependency. Once ggez has released a new version with the commit that fixes this bug, this repository will be updated to use that version.

Unicode Support

By default, unicode characters will not display properly. Build the project with the unicode_support feature enabled to enable fetching fonts from the local filesystem to display unicode characters properly (if the system is missing a font, then it will still be displayed incorrectly). Note that your system must have fontconfig and freetype installed (most Linux systems should have these installed already).

cargo build --release --features unicode_support

or through crates.io:

cargo install --features unicode_support mpd_info_screen


    mpd_info_screen [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <host> [port]

        --disable-show-album       disable album display
        --disable-show-artist      disable artist display
        --disable-show-filename    disable filename display
        --disable-show-title       disable title display
        --no-scale-fill            don't scale-fill the album art to the window
        --pprompt                  input password via prompt
    -h, --help                     Prints help information
    -V, --version                  Prints version information

    -l, --log-level <log-level>                 [default: Error]  [possible values: Error, Warning, Debug, Verbose]
    -p <password>
        --pfile <password-file>                read password from file
    -t, --text-bg-opacity <text-bg-opacity>    sets the opacity of the text background (0-255) [default: 190]

    <port>     [default: 6600]

Note that presing the Escape key when the window is focused closes the program.

Also note that pressing the H key while displaying text will hide the text.

Issues / TODO

  • UTF-8 Non-ascii font support (Use the unicode_support feature to enable; only tested in linux)
  • Support for album art not embedded but in the same directory

MPD Version

To get album art from the image embedded with the audio file, the "readpicture" protocol command is queried from MPD, which was added in version 0.22 of MPD. It is uncertain when the "albumart" protocol command was added (this command fetches album art that resides in cover.jpg/cover.png in the same directory as the audio file). This means that older versions of MPD may not return album art to display.

Legal stuff

Uses dependency ggez which is licensed under the MIT license.

Uses dependency image which is licensed under MIT license.

Uses dependency structopt which is licensed under Apache-2.0 or MIT licenses.

Unicode Support Dependencies

Uses dependency fontconfig which is licensed with this license.

Uses dependency freetype which is licensed with this license.

Uses dependency bindgen which is licenced under the BSD-3-Clause.


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