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This is an animation library written in Rust, widely inspired by Manim and, unlike Manim, it allows interactivity thanks to WebAssembly, JavaScript and the web.


  • Interactivity.
  • Basic shapes.
  • Function plotting.
  • Animations in HTML Canvas and SVG.
  • Text rendering.
  • 3D rendering (coming soon).

How to use it?

You can embed the library in your HTML file by adding a script tag, and don't forget to include your HTML Canvas for raster animations or DIV container for SVG animations! You can either use the CDN or install it via npm.

<script type="module">
import mathlikeanimRs from 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/mathlikeanim-rs@0.6.0/+esm'

How to install it?

If you want to start creating mathematical and interactive animations, you can install it by running:

npm i mathlikeanim-rs


If you want to contribute to this project, you can clone the repository and work with the Rust codebase, and then build the WebAssembly module by running in the main directory:

wasm-pack build --target web --out-dir javascript

By the moment we don't have any tests, so your contributions are welcome!


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