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early development Website UI framework and component library for quickly building websites with native support for Material UI standardization

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0.7.11 Jan 30, 2024
0.6.2 Apr 15, 2023
0.5.0 Apr 9, 2023
0.4.0 Mar 28, 2023
0.3.23 Nov 9, 2022

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Web UI

WebUI Version: 0.7.11

View Rust WebUI Docs - docs.rs/webui

View on crates.io - crates.io/crates/webui

View on GitHub - github.com/StoicDreams/RustWebUI

View Demo and Doc Site - webui.stoicdreams.com

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webui is a website framework for building webassembly SPA websites quickly and easily.


  • Minimize boilerplate code when starting new website projects.
  • Adhere to Material UI standards.
  • Provide robust component systems for handling common display types, user input and interactions, and data processing.

Development is just getting started, so we do not recommend using at this point for anything more than experimenting.

Getting Started

These instructions assume you have at least some familiarity with the Rust language and ecosystem.

If you are new to rust, then get started by reading The Rust Book to learn about the language.

This project was setup on a Mac, so for now instructions have not been verified on Windows or Linux machines, though it is expected to have little to no differences in this scope.

Install Required Dev Dependencies

Follow instructions here to install Rust for your system.

Make sure rust is up to date

rustup update

Install Trunk executable - this will be used to run your website locally for testing in your browser.

cargo install trunk wasm-bindgen-cli

Add waxm build target

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown


Before you get started, it's important to understand the optional features that WebUI offers.

These features can be enable using feature flags. Some features are only applicable to the WebUI executable that is used to setup your core WebUI framework files, while others are only applicable to the WebUI library, and finally some are shared by both.

Flag Lib Exe Detail
pages X Include this flag to include some starter_page_* components for setting up some initial starter pages on a new website..
myfi X Include this flag to include components that integrate with MyFi.ws API services (*Currently under development.)

Current and Planned Features

Flag Feature Status Detail
pages privacy available General privacy page
pages terms available General terms & conditions page
pages under_construction available General under construction page/placeholder
myfi feedback development Dialog for capturing user feedback
myfi event logs development Helper method for logging event logs
myfi account services development Pages & methods for users to signup/login/logout as well as restricting role based content
myfi page data planned Store and retrieve page data
myfi website editor planned Inline editor for managing page content through the website UI

Start a new Rust project

Start by creating your project using cargo.

cargo new name_of_your_app
cd name_of_your_app

Verify your Rust environment is setup correctly.

cargo run

Update your Cargo.toml file to include webui dependency.

name = "name_of_your_app"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

webui = "0.7.11"
# Customize with specific feature flags (pages is included by default)
# webui = { version = "0.7.11", default-features = false }
# webui = { version = "0.7.11", features = ["all"] }
# webui = { version = "0.7.11", features = ["myfi", "pages"] }
# Use the direct GitHub reference if you want bleeding edge updates
# webui = { git = "https://github.com/StoicDreams/RustWebUI", branch = "main" }

Install webui executable - this will be used to build your boilerplate static files.

Note: We recommend that you generally set the same feature flags for your webui executable that you set for your use of the webui library to assure accompanying starter files are included. That said, not all features are shared across the Lib version and Exe versions of WebUI. See the Features section above for more information on specific features to use between the WebUI executable and library.

# default installation, includes starter pages md files.
cargo install webui

# explicitly include starter pages
cargo install webui --features pages

# example setting multiple features
cargo install webui --features "pages myfi"

# install with all features enabled
cargo install webui --all-features

# exlude any optional features
cargo install webui --no-default-features

Run webui in your projects root folder (not src) to add static files (index.html, css, etc.)


Web UI Files

Note that you should run webui command anytime you update to a new version, making sure to update both the webui executable and the webui dependency in your project.

Certain files are considered static and are not meant to be manually updated. These files will be overwritten during updates.

Other files are considered starter files that you will probably want or need to update and will not overwrite an existing file during updates. If you want to update to the latest starter file, then you will need to delete or rename your existing file - recommend renaming file, such as postfixing .bck to the file name, so you can copy over your customizations to the new Web UI file once it's created.

File Starter Static Details
index.html X Update metadata information and add any links for extended js/css functionality.
app.webmanifest X Update with information about your app. This is used for installable SPAs.
robots.txt X Update as needed to manage search bot rules.
Logo.svg X Placeholder logo. Update with your own.
service-worker.js X Basic service worker for file caching, also required for installable SPA apps.

Run Dev Server for Testing

Run trunk serve --open from your project root to run your site locally. The --open flag will open your website in your default browser. If you already have the page open you can exclude the --open flag.

trunk serve --open


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