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Comics and Ebook web library written in rust, with reading, search, reading status, bookmarks

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0.1.1 Jun 24, 2023
0.1.0 Jun 24, 2023

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Custom license and GPL-3.0 licenses



Comics and Ebook web library written in rust, with reading, search, reading status, bookmarks...


I used Ubooquity during a few years, but unfortunatly it is not opensource, and there is no read status, so I decided to find another solution.

I tried some alternatives :

  • Komga : best project here I think, but no "folder view" 😥
  • Tanoshi : works well, in rust too 🦀🚀, but no support for ebooks
  • Calibre web or BicBucStriim : I just can't use Calibre's classification system
  • Kavita : nice project too, but I don't like the Collections system (feels like Calibre)
  • Nextcloud epubreader : an old app, but it doesn't work with most of my collection

So here I am, a personal project named after my childrens (Elora and Revan).

Feel free to use, improve, and cry to my low code quality !

  • use a sqlite database
  • store ebooks and comcis covers in database (~10ko per cover, almost 160 Mo for 15000 files)
  • multiple users, with bookmarks pages, reading status with page number (not for pdf)
  • periodic scan of libraries folders
  • no cached data, comics images are extracted on the fly
  • comics pages responsive size for optimized mobile network usage
  • small binary : 5 Mio, alpine based image : 13 Mio
  • small css, small compressed svg, no javascript
  • rust 🦀🚀


I know this is AWFUL 🤮, I have not worked on the css yet, please be patient (or help meeeee 🆘) !

grid view file info reading


For now you need the css directory, so the simpliest way is to clone sources and build it with cargo, a usable binary and docker image will be available soon.

git clone https://github.com/thasos/eloran.git
cd eloran
just build

If you do note use just, use it 😁 or just launch cargo build --release

Build dependencies

Arch :

sudo pacman -S libarchive cairo poppler-glib
# if you want to package it in alpine image
sudo pacman -S musl

Debian/ubuntu :

sudo apt install libarchive-dev libcairo2-dev libpoppler-glib-dev
# if you want to package it in alpine image
sudo apt install musl-dev

Fedora :

sudo dnf install rust-glib-sys-devel.noarch
sudo dnf install rust-cairo-sys-rs0.16-devel.noarch
sudo dnf install cairo-gobject-devel.x86_64
sudo dnf install poppler-glib-devel.x86_64
sudo dnf install libarchive-devel.x86_64


  • store session in database (see fn create_router() in src/http_server.rs)
  • pretty error handling
  • more testing
  • allow relative path in library_path
  • fix element numbers for sub directories
  • handle cover.jpg files for directories (or use first file's cover ?)
  • customized css
  • upload files
  • install page at 1st start : admin password, library_path, new user...
  • share files (or directories, or page)
  • grid or list view in preferences
  • progress bar while reading, file info, and grid view
  • easy go to page number while reading and from file info
  • read pdf in new tab
  • display read status in bookmarks page
  • better css 🤪
  • true ebook reading


~1.5M SLoC