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Terminal and GUI ebook reader

21 stable releases

2.3.8 Oct 1, 2023
2.3.6 Aug 22, 2023
2.2.0 May 31, 2023
1.2.7 Mar 4, 2022
1.2.3 Feb 28, 2022

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tbr(A terminal and gui ebook reader)


tbr is a simple e-book reader in terminal and gtk4(>4.10).By now, support txt, html, haodoo and epub. it can also render text as chinese tradition style(top to bottom and right to left).


cargo build --release

Build without GUI support

cargo build --release --no-default-features


Config files store in .config/tbr/tbr.toml. Themes configuration files store in ~/.config/ter/themes/. Files will auto generated if not exists.

Key binding for terminal

Function Key mappings
Next page space,page down
Previous page page up
Search '/'
Search Next 'n'
Search backward 'N'
Inner book dialog 'b'
History dialog 'h'
Select chapter 'c'
Select theme 't'
Show version 'v'
Next line down
Previous line up
Back prev position left
Forward to next position right
Goto start of chapter home
Goto end of chapter end
Goto line 'g'
Navigate to next link tab
Navigate to prev link shift + tab
Open link left click/enter on highlight
Next chapter ^D
Previous chapter ^B
Switch view mode han<=>xi ^X
Quit 'q'




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