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Maths package for use with personal stuff, but like, you can totally use it! If you want! There's even some light documentation now!

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Maph is a personal library I've developed mostly for use with computer graphics, although I ended up including a number of components unrelated to this, mostly for fun! Right now there's three major components.

  • maph::geom - a geometry library with generic matrix and vector types as well as implementing Quaternions and Dual Quaternions and several other helper functions for calculating transformations. This also has a quadratic spline type based on a 4x4 spline matrix.
  • maph::num - a numerical library that implements its own rational number type, a number of handy factorisaton helper functions and surds, for no real good reason except that I could.
  • maph::cg, a short library using bytemuck to easily convert the matrix and vector types from the geometry library into repr(C) useable types for rendering.