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bin+lib maker-panel

Generator for modular mechanical panels

15 releases (9 breaking)

0.13.0 Aug 10, 2022
0.12.4 Aug 4, 2021
0.12.3 May 11, 2021
0.9.1 Feb 13, 2021

MIT and maybe GPL-3.0



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Make simple parts by combining shapes together. Order them as cheap PCBs.

Language reference


This (using maker-panel expressions):

wrap (column center {
    [12] R<7.5>(h)
    [ 9] R<7.5>(h)
    [12] R<7.5>(h)
}) with {
  left => C<11.25>(h5),
  right => C<11.25>(h5),

A center-aligned column of holes, spaced 15mm (7.5 * 2) apart, with circles positioned about each end such to round out the edges of the rectangle with semi-circles.

Makes this:

Example 2

To generate the gerbers for you, you can run:

cargo run -- --hull -f examples/ex2.spec gen -f zip > ex2_r1.zip

which will give you ex2_r1.zip which you can upload to your fabhouse of choice.


MIT License. Raster font is from http://uzebox.org/, itself licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


~328K SLoC