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Turbofuro Expression Language

Predictable expression language with familiar syntax. You can embed TEL in your application and evaluate user expressions in a safe way.


  • Familiar C/Java/JavaScript like syntax
  • Any JSON is a valid expression
  • No object references objects and arrays are compared by value (deep equality)
  • Available to use on crates.io
  • Compiles to WebAssembly and is available as npm package
  • Value and store (assignment like) expressions

Getting Started

Download repository from GitHub. You will find the TEL implementation in the tel folder. The tel-wasm folder contains the WebAssembly bindings.

Building WebAssembly

Go to tel-wasm folder and run the following command:

wasm-pack build --scope turbofuro

The build will be in the pkg folder.

Running example

There is also an Vite+React example of how to use WASM build in the example folder. You can run it with the following command:

npm install
npm run dev

Note: You need to build WASM before running the example.


We welcome all contributions with 💛

Feel free to create issues including those with feature suggestions. If you want to help, but not sure how, reach out to @pr0gramista (Twitter/LinkedIn/email) directly.


TEL and Turbofuro OSS parts are licensed under Apache-2.0.

Happy Coding! 🚀


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