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📦✨ Dioxus CLI

Tooling to supercharge Dioxus projects

The dioxus-cli (inspired by wasm-pack and webpack) is a tool for getting Dioxus projects up and running. It handles building, bundling, development and publishing to simplify development.


cargo install dioxus-cli

Install the latest development build through git

To get the latest bug fixes and features, you can install the development version from git. However, this is not fully tested. That means you're probably going to have more bugs despite having the latest bug fixes.

cargo install --git https://github.com/DioxusLabs/dioxus dioxus-cli

This will download the CLI from the master branch, and install it in Cargo's global binary directory (~/.cargo/bin/ by default).

Install from local folder

Note: The CLI will fail to build projects in debug profile. This is currently under investigation.

cargo install --path . --release

Get started

Use dx create to initialize a new Dioxus project. It will be cloned from the dioxus-template repository.

Alternatively, you can specify the template path:

dx create --template gh:dioxuslabs/dioxus-template

Run dx --help for a list of all the available commands. Furthermore, you can run dx <command> --help to get help with a specific command.

Dioxus config file

You can use the Dioxus.toml file for further configuration. Some fields are mandatory, but the CLI tool will tell you which ones are missing. You can create a Dioxus.toml with all fields already set using dx config init project-name, or you can use this bare-bones template (only mandatory fields) to get started:

name = "project-name"
# Currently supported platforms: web, desktop
default_platform = "web"

title = "Hello"



The full anatomy of Dioxus.toml is shown on the Dioxus website.


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