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A cargo subcommand for reviewing the source code of crates.io dependencies

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A cargo subcommand for reviewing the source code of crates.io dependencies.


cargo install cargo-review-deps



To see what exactly changes if you run cargo-update, use

$ cargo review-deps update-diff -- --package foo

This will run (without actually updating the lockfile) cargo update --package foo and show diff --color -r of all added/removed/updated dependencies.

If you want to use a custom diff tool or need to do a more thorough investigation, use --destination option to checkout sources of dependencies locally.


To quickly see the diff -r of two package versions, use

$ cargo review-deps diff rand:0.6.0 rand:0.6.1

Similarly to update-diff, you can use --destination option for customized diffing.

$ cargo review-deps diff rand:0.6.0 rand:0.6.1 --destinations diff

The diff/random:0.6.0 and diff/random:0.6.1 directories would contain the sources of the respective versions.

Note that cargo-review-deps does not rely on version control information: it uses exactly that version of source code, that will be used by Cargo to build your project.


To see the sources of all transitive dependencies, use

$ cargo review-deps current --destination dir/to/dump/sources/to

This will download sources of all of the dependencies to the specified directory.

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Commercial Support

This project is developed by Ferrous Systems GmbH. Interested in commercial support, custom functionality, or sponsoring this open source work? Send us an email here.


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