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Cargo subcommand to manage a registry index

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cargo index


An experimental Cargo subcommand to access and manipulate a registry index.

See reg-index for the corresponding library that implements this command's functionality.


cargo install cargo-index

This requires at a minimum Cargo 1.60.


The cargo index command provides several sub-commands:

Subcommand Description
add Add a package to an index.
init Create a new index.
list List entries in the index.
metadata Generate JSON metadata for a package.
unyank Un-yank a crate from an index.
validate Validate the format of an index.
yank Yank a crate from an index.

Run the sub-command with --help to get more information.


Example of creating an index and manually adding a new package:

  1. cargo index init --dl https://example.com --index index

    This creates a new git repository in the directory index with the appropriate config.json file.

  2. cargo new foo

    Create a sample project to add.

  3. cd foo

  4. cargo index add --index ../index --index-url https://example.com -- --allow-dirty

    Adds the foo package to the index.

  5. cargo index list --index ../index -p foo

    Shows the JSON metadata for every version of foo in the index.


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