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Copy directories recursively in a straightforward and predictable way

4 releases

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.3 Jul 25, 2023
0.1.2 Oct 31, 2016
0.1.1 Oct 29, 2016
0.1.0 Oct 29, 2016

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Copy directories recursively in a straightforward and predictable way.

Disclaimer Status

This crate is in a very early state and is unlikely to be free of bugs, idiosyncracies, and other unpleasantnesses. It should be considered to be unstable, with an API that is subject to change. Use it at your own risk.

After I wrote the above and released an initial version of this crate, I made no changes to it for over 6 years. It now has over 250k downloads and nobody has complained about it being broken, so I think it's fair to say the crate is both stable and functional (subject, of course, to the terms of the LICENSE).

I currently have no plans or intentions to add functionality or otherwise change the API this crate provides or the code behind it. If you want more bells and whistles, check out dircpy. If for some reason you prefer this crate but would like something changed, feel free to open an issue and I will respond on a best-effort basis.


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