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Watch anime from the shell via mpv

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AniTUI is a CLI (and in the future a TUI) app for searching and wathching anime in MPV. This is a Rust rewrite (quite literally a rewrite) of Pystardust's ani-cli. Thanks to ani-cli for decoding the magic of goload.pro or whatever mirror they have in the future.


AniTUI uses an ID in a format of <source:id>. To perform commands like watch or ep-count you need to first get an ID via search.

$ ani-tui search "keywords"

The output will contain a list of titles and IDs in <>. Copy the ID and use it in other commands.

$ ani-tui detail "<ID>"

$ ani-tui list-eps "<ID>"

detail will give you the most info about an anime like its description, ID, episode count and of course the title. list-eps only yields the title and number of episodes.

$ ani-tui watch "<ID>" 1

Watch an episode. Replace ID and 1 (episode number) with your values.

You can use either help command, -h or --help to get a help message explaining how to use AniTUI.


  1. View open issues/projects or create your own issue
  2. Fork
  3. Write some code
  4. Refactor
  5. Write docs
  6. Make a pull request explaining the changes

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